We Welcome Questions
Here are some frequently asked ones!


Where do I park?

You will enter the side parking lot from either US 80/Eisenhower Pkwy or S Lizella Road. Make your way into the church by entering the first door you come to under a white covering. Someone will greet you there.

More questions about this? Contact: info@lizellaumc.org

What time are your worship services?

We have one traditional service at 9:30 am. At this serivce, there is a full choir, a pianist, and an organist. All are welcome!

More questions about this? Contact: info@lizellaumc.org

What about my children?

Your children are welcome here!

We have a secure nursery located just through the first entrance that is closest to the parking lot. There is a Sunday school class located in that area, as well.

In our 9:30 service, children typically stay in service until the Children’s Moment, where they are welcome to come forward and have a short lesson. Afterwards, they are given an opportunity to exit to the nursery area where they will be taught an age appropriate lesson on the same topic as the sermon.

If your child makes noise during the worship service, that’s great! We love having children in worship with their parents. It’s an important thing to have the opportunity to worship as a family. A church with no children is on borrowed time.

If you have any more questions about this, feel free to email our children’s minister at children@lizellaumc.org

Will communion be served?

We serve communion once per month. Usually, it’s the first Sunday of the month. Our communion table is “open,” which means all who feel called to come forward and receive communion may do so. No one, including the pastor, gets to turn anyone down who would like to receive communion, regardless of membership or social status.

More questions about this? Contact: info@lizellaumc.org

Who is your ministry staff?

We have large number of volunteers who are waiting to serve you, whatever the need. If you would like to see a list of our staff members, please see this link: Staff.




Where do I go?

This service is held in the Sanctuary, the part of the building directly under the church’s steeple. After parking in the side lot, walk around the front of the church. You’ll see a set of stairs, a ramp, and some double doors. Enter those doors and you will be in the sanctuary.

More questions about this? Contact: info@lizellaumc.org

What do I wear?

How you dress is completely up to you! Most people are more “business casual” during this service, but some do dress more “casual”. We want you to come as you feel comfortable, whether that means jeans, a dress, a tie, or something in between. You have a place here.

More questions about this? Contact: info@lizellaumc.org

What is "traditional" worship?

Our traditional format of worship relies on traditional worship elements, such as a choir, hymns, and reciting creeds together to cultivate an atmosphere that celebrates what it truly means to be together in the Lord. With the assistance of a pianist and an organist, we are excited to worship in the revelation of Jesus Christ in the world as a people with one voice!

More questions about this? Contact: choir@lizellaumc.org


What is the UMC?

The United Methodist Church (UMC) is a mainline Protestant denomination, and a major part of Methodism. We trace our roots back to the revival movement of John and Charles Wesley in England as well as the Great Awakening in the United States. As such, the church’s theological orientation is decidedly Wesleyan. It is connectional and embraces both liturgical and evangelical elements. (Source)

More questions about this? See: UMC.org

Thoughts on the sacraments?

We recognize two sacraments: Holy Baptism and Communion. Other rites are acknowledged and encouraged, but only two are considered sacraments.

For more information, see: UMC.org/what-we-believe/sacraments

Other theology?

We are a church that is proud of our connection to the UMC. Our heritage is rich and our history is full. There are plenty of online resources that will help you understand where we believe on any number of major theological questions.

We recommend you start here: UMC.org/what-we-believe

Have questions after that or care to discuss more in detail? We would love to hear from you. Contact: info@lizellaumc.org

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For any other questions, please write us at info@lizellaumc.org or call us at (478) 935-8649