Pastor's Weclome: There's A Place For You

The difference between a church and a church home is whether or not you are connected. We believe that being in community with other Christians is critical to your spiritual growth. The Bible knows nothing of doing this Christian walk on our own. In fact, over and over again God works through communities of faith where individuals are connected to one another. At Lizella UMC we offer the opportunity for you to connect to both God and others in our community through various ministries. Whether you are new to Lizella UMC or a long time member, there is a place for children, students, adults, and families to connect to one another and grow to become a more passionate servant of Christ.


We aim to have programing available for the entire family that is both topic and age appropriate. This is accomplished through a variety of activities. For more information about our ministries geared toward adults, click the following:


We believe that our youth and children are not only the “future of the church” but also represent and invaluable, present part of the church. It’s important then that we don’t stick them on the sidelines but engage them in worship. Click here to learn more about how we engage our youth in ministry:


We are not only called to nurture and love them as they grow and get older in the world. We are also commanded to equip them now fall in love with and understand the church! click here to see how we engage our children in ministry: