Traditional Worship

This traditional style of worship relies on traditional worship elements, such as a choir, hymns, reciting creeds together, to cultivate an atmosphere that celebrates what it truly means to be together in the Lord. With the assistance of a pianist and an organist, we are excited to worship the revelation of Jesus Christ in the world as a people with one voice! 


Sunday School

This is a time in which people from both our worship services can come together and learn more intimately about who God is as God is revealed in small groups. As Methodists, small groups are an important part of our church structure. Sunday School represents that clarity of vision and mission to the world.


Modern Blend Worship

This is a new style of worship that blends modern worship elements, such as bands, chairs, and a laid back style, with traditional worship elements, such as readings from the Psalms, creeds, and hymns. It may sound unusual because it is! Together we celebrate that God who has worked through history is still active today.

Lizella UMC

Come worship with us!

9:30am – Traditional Worship
10:30am – Sunday School
11:15am – Modern Blend Worship