Innovation Series | How Head & Shoulders Delivers on Dandruff Protection and Sustainable Packaging

Head & Shoulders BARE bottles

When it comes to relieving a dry, irritated, flaky scalp, Head & Shoulders understands there can be comfort in solutions that are simple and familiar. That’s why home remedies are appealing. But, when they don’t get to the source of dandruff, the flakes persist.

To address this issue, Head & Shoulders created the new BARE line of anti-dandruff shampoos to get the dandruff protection job done, with the bare minimum – bare minimum ingredients and plastic packaging.

Head & Shoulders BARE bottle

With only 9 ingredients — and formulated without silicones, dyes or sulfated surfactants — BARE offers clinically-proven dandruff protection by fighting flakes at the source while cleansing your scalp and hair. It is the result of more than 2 years and over 100 formulation attempts to create this new approach to caring for your scalp.

BARE’s recyclable bottle is made of the bare minimum plastic, creating Head & Shoulders’ first lightweight bottle that you can roll up for one last drop of shampoo. Once rolled up, the rollable bottle also reduces packaging waste and takes up less space in household recycling bins.

Head & Shoulders BARE bottle

Designed with all hair types in mind, the BARE range comes in two variations:

  • Soothing Hydration for people with dry hair and scalp
  • Pure Clean for oily hair and scalp.

The formulas are dermatologically tested and clinically proven to ensure they get the job done, just as you’d expected from Head & Shoulders.