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P&G brands are trusted to provide products of the highest quality and superior performance and value for the daily-use cleaning, health and hygiene needs of consumers around the world.

Baby Care

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All Good

Baby Diapers

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Charlie Banana

Baby Diapers

Baby Diapers

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Nighttime Underwear

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Baby Diapers

Fabric Care

Laundry Products

Dryer Sheets & Fabric Care

Laundry Products

Fabric Protectors & Softeners

Baby Detergent & Laundry Products

Laundry Products

Laundry & Home Products

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Rindex 3en1

Laundry & Home Products

Laundry Products

Family Care

Paper Towels

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Toilet Paper

Facial Tissues

Feminine Care

Feminine Care Pads

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Always Discreet

Incontinence Pads

Feminine Care Pads and Tampons

Feminine Care Tampons

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This is L

Period & Bladder Care


Personal Grooming

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Razors & Skin Care

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Razors, Waxes, & Creams

Razors & Shaving Gels

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The Art of Shaving

Personal Grooming

Hair Care

Hair Care

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Head & Shoulders

Hair Care

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Herbal Essences

Hair Care

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My Black Is Beautiful

Hair care

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Old Spice

Hair & Skin Care

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Hair Care

Home Care

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Ambi Pur

Odor Eliminators

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Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwashing Liquid

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Odor Eliminators

Laundry & Home Products

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Microban 24

Home Cleaning Products

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Mr. Clean

All-Purpose Home Cleaners

Dishwashing Liquid

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Multi-Surface Dusters & Cleaners

Insect Repellent

Multi-brand Programs

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Desideri Magazine

Italy Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Envie de Plus

Belgium FR Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Envie de Plus

France Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Greece Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Hungary Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Poland Multi-brand (CRM) Program

Germany Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Turkey Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Online Promos

Bulgaria Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Online Promos

Serbia Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Para mim

Portugal Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Próxima a ti

Spain Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Super Savvy Me

United Kingdom Multi-brand (CRM) Program

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Zin in meer

Belgium NL Multi-brand (CRM) Program

Romania Multi-brand (CRM) Program

Oral Care

Dental Care

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Denture Adhesives

Toothbrushes & Dental Floss


Personal Health Care

Probiotic Supplements

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Pregnancy & Ovulation Tests

Daily Fiber Supplements

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Upset Stomach Relief

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Prilosec OTC

Heartburn Relief

Cough, Cold & Flu Relief

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Sleep Aid

Skin and Personal Care

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Razors & Skin Care

Mildly Scented Soap

Face & Skin Care

Face & Skin Care

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Old Spice

Hair & Skin Care

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Germ-Protecting Soap

Deodorant & Body Spray

Anti-Aging Face Care