P&G + Me = Mutual Success: Delivering a Superior Employee Value Equation

A unique approach focused on attracting, developing and retaining talent.

If you leave us our money, our buildings and our brands, but take away our people, the Company will fail. But if you take away our money, our buildings and our brands, but leave us all our people, we can rebuild the whole thing in a decade.

– Richard Deupree,
P&G CEO from 1930-1947

Since P&G’s founding, we’ve recognized that to attract, develop and retain the best workforce possible, we need to offer a superior employee value equation.

It was this recognition that led to P&G pioneering one of America’s first profit-sharing programs — including factory workers — in 1887. A few things have changed since then, but the importance of P&G people to the success of the Company is evergreen.

Former Chief Human Resources officer Tracey Grabowski discusses P&G + Me = Mutual Success during P&G Investor Day in November

Former Chief Human Resources officer Tracey Grabowski discusses P&G + Me = Mutual Success during P&G Investor Day in November.

Employees have a lot of choices, and we know there is always more work to do to attract, develop and retain the best talent. We want to deliver a superior employee value equation — to ensure that working at P&G delivers a superior experience and value for all employees.

Chief Human Resources Officer Bala Purushothaman says our approach is similar to how we create a superior consumer experience.

“It starts with insights,” he said. “We need to truly understand our consumers — their hopes, their fears, their dreams, their lives. Then we apply those insights to deliver superior products, packaging, communication, retail execution and value. We’re applying the same concepts with our employees to deliver a superior employee value equation.”

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This requires us to have a sincere dialogue with our employees that speaks to relationships and humanity… and an overt discussion about what we offer... both gives and gets… what we call P&G + Me = Mutual Success.

“Our Employee Value Equation is unique,” he said. “A typical company’s employee value proposition might include a bullet point list of what they give employees — maybe in benefits and training and vacation. We’re going beyond the WHAT we offer to the WHY.”

Based on employee feedback, we identified four areas necessary for a superior employee experience.

  1. Making an impact in our daily work — by being empowered and accountable with increasing responsibilities over time. It starts with finding inspiration from the core of our business — serving consumers in small but meaningful ways through the products we make, pack and ship every day and from the people they serve alongside in doing so.

  2. Continually growing our skills and capabilities, which, in turn, gives P&G and our brands competitive advantage. At P&G, we offer training classes, but our uniqueness is that we develop all 100,000 plus people we work with to reach their full potential through meaningful experiences, world-class training opportunities and a focus on coaching and feedback for growth.

  3. Being valued and rewarded for the work we do and knowing that the company cares for our health and financial well-being, and that we can bring our authentic selves to work every day. We have made significant investments in employee benefits, compensation, workplace upgrades, access to wellness resources and our hybrid work model.

  4. Being inspired to serve consumers better than competition, to build the business and to be part of a Company that is a force for growth and a force for good. Our extensive recruiting and selection process yields people who are open to sharing a set of values, collaborating and taking a long-term view of things.

“As Mr. Deupree said, our people have been at the heart of who we are since this Company began,” Purushothaman said. “We will continue to invest in a superior employee value equation, just as we invest in superior products.”

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