Innovation Series: Meet the P&G Principal Scientist Leading Pampers Research

Our Innovation Series showcases the amazing brand and product developments powered by P&G employees. We bring you stories about the Innovators Behind the Innovation, as well as round-ups of the latest in brand innovations, that help make peoples’ lives better in small but meaningful ways, every day.

Technical curiosity leads to creating innovations that cater to infant needs.

Meet Jennifer Gustin Principal Scientist & Leader of Pampers Professional Hospital Diaper Research Team

For Principal Scientist Jennifer Gustin, her work is fueled by her personal life. Jennifer had been with P&G less than a decade when her son was diagnosed with FPIES- Food Protein Enterocolitis Syndrome.

“The doctors at first did not recognize his symptoms and thought he had a bad virus. I did a lot of research on his symptoms and found that the pattern of throwing up in his crib about 2-3 hours after he ate meals, to the point of dehydration, was a classical reaction,” she says.

Thanks to Jennifer’s diligent research, her son was put on a diet to eliminate his allergic reactions, and her work on the novel infant stool scale was published in peer-reviewed journals and cited globally from academic institutions and companies.

Work with infants is still integral to her daily life at P&G.

“My greatest accomplishment at P&G is the distinct honor to lead the Pampers Professional Hospital Diaper Research team,” Jennifer says.

Jennifer Gustin with her family

Her team creates evidence-based innovations that cater to a wide array of infant needs, from protecting newborn skin, to helping babies sleep or aiding joint and muscle development including brands like Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Swaddlers Pure Protection. Learn more here.

Research and innovation are such a foundational part of Jennifer’s personality, even her friends call her a “librarian.” Her degree in Chemical Engineering set her up for life-long learning.

“I can be found researching, reading and collecting articles and books,” she says. “The breadth and depth of my technical curiosity is foundational to developing innovations, including professionally with 7 patents and numerous patent-pending applications,” says Jennifer.