Celebrating P&G’s Latest Brand Masters and Best of Brand Honorees

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, hosted P&G’s Brand Awards annual event as a virtual celebration, spotlighting our best brand mastery leaders and awarding 14 brands for achieving stellar business building results

Our annual Best of Brand Awards recognizes the leaders and brands that are constantly raising the bar to deliver a superior consumer experience.

We also inducted 8 new Brand Masters, leaders who represent the best of P&G brand builders…demonstrating superb craft in their fields of expertise, pioneering new innovations, helping to build mastery in others, and contributing superior value to consumers and for the company through our brands over multiple years.

P&G’s ambition is to be the best at building brands—not just the best in the consumer products industry but the very best in ALL industries.

We have a winning portfolio of daily use cleaning, health, and hygiene brands where performance drives brand choice. And because performance matters, we deliver with irresistibly superior products, packaging, brand communications, retail execution and customer and consumer value.

The brands named “Best of Brands” have repeatedly won the hearts and minds of consumers by proving they’re the best choice through this superiority strategy.

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Shared Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard on the virtual all-company live-stream, “Let me express my deepest thanks to all of you for delivering excellent results in what has continued to be a challenging time for all of us. There is no question in my mind that P&G people are the very best in the world. You are doing amazing, remarkable, and tremendous work. Let’s keep focused on what matters and continue to build on this momentum to deliver winning results year after year after year for sustained brand building excellence!”

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer

This year we celebrated a 108 brand/country combinations that cleared the bar during the past year to become a finalist – growing the market, share, penetration, sales and profit. These brands represent nearly $3.16 billion dollars in sales during last fiscal year.

Congratulations to the following 14 brands receiving a Best of Brand Award! Here are a few highlights:


Pampers is dedicated to every baby’s happy, healthy development. They are helping babies move like they were born to with new products like Pampers Cruisers 360. Its smart design makes them easy to put on and tear off, stay comfy, and keep up with active babies’ every move.


Safeguard has been helping moms take better care of the health of their families for 30 years in China. They believe that the right hygiene habits, including proper handwashing, can help better protect families against diseases. To help combat the pandemic, the team launched Spread Health Across China, with a mission to educate 100,000 Chinese consumers on the right handwashing habits.


Design has always been at the heart of Braun’s purpose and equity. 2021 was the 100th anniversary of Max Braun opening his appliances workshop in Germany. This marked the birth of the brand Braun and design that is simple, useful, essential, and built to last.


When it comes to freshness, Gainiacs simply want more and Gain gives just that. More forms from liquids to powders to Flings to fabric softener to dryer sheets. More scents from Original to Island Fresh to Moonlight Breeze.


Pantene is on a mission to give more people, more great hair days, because hair is always more than “just hair.” And that’s exactly what China is doing with the launch of its intensive shot mask. A first ever bomb treatment with intensive hydration. Great for home and travel.


Consumers are overwhelmed with options in oral care and want superior products from a brand they trust to address their needs. Better brushing experiences. Treating the source not just the symptoms. And whitening products that really whiten like with new Crest Whitening Emulsion.


Impossibly smooth skin. A possibly overbearing mother-in-law. This campaign brings diversity in front of and behind the camera with work directed by Kevin Bray and cameos from icons of the Black community like Patti Labelle and Nia Long. #MenHaveSkinToo.


OLAY, through its Face Anything campaign, is committed to reflecting a more inclusive definition of what is beautiful. One path is through science which is the foundation for the unbeaten hydration in every jar. OLAY is committed to help create a digital world that is more representative by doubling the number of women and tripling the number of women of color in STEM careers by 2030. #DecodeTheBias


Oral-B, the #1 dentist recommended brand in the world, is leading the development of new digital health innovations to enable better oral health for all. The brand is making people say WOW with superior innovation, Oral-B’s most advanced technology – the revolutionary iO brush that gives a professional clean feel at home every day.


Cascade is helping reduce water consumption. Its formula has enzymes that latch on to and break down food particles so well, you can skip the pre-wash. And washing with Cascade in an ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher uses only 4 gallons of water per cycle, compared to 4 gallons every two minutes with a running faucet. So if everyone in America would simply “do it every night” – that is, use their dishwasher with Cascade– 25 billion gallons of water a year could be saved.


Did you know that feeling sluggish or weighed down could be signs that your digestive system isn’t working at its best? Metamucil is on a mission to transform the brand from a treatment laxative to an essential daily supplement for better digestive health. Find out how it works!


Last year was a BREEZY one for Febreze. The brand continued to raise the bar to help people “Breathe Happy” with product innovations like Fade Defy Plug automatic air freshener with built in technology to digitally control its scent release, let you know when it’s time for a refill and a breezy sent that keeps your space smelling fresh for a full 50 days.


Is doing dishes your most hated chore? It is for many - messy, hard and takes too long. Dawn/Fairy is making cleaning faster and more effortless by helping consumers “clean as you go” with delightful new innovations like Dawn Power Wash.


Downy/Lenor continues to delight consumers with freshness including tackling tough jobs like malodor and wrinkle prevention that detergents alone can’t provide. In North America, with freshness that calms you. In the UK, with outdoor freshness even when dried indoors. And in LA with freshness that reblooms to eliminate odors from the day.