P&G Certified As ‘Great Place to Work’

U.S. certification based on employees’ working experience

P&G worker

Being a Great Place to Work means different things to different people:

  • For, Alex Perez, P&G is a place where he has felt inspired to help people affected by disasters.
  • For Ranya Shamoon, P&G has enabled her to have not just one ‘career’ but multiple careers, where she has been able to continue growing
  • For Boonie Rashainbunyawat, P&G made her feel valued & rewarded by encouraging her to bring her whole self to work and grow her career.
  • For team members at our Xiqing Plant in China, P&G is a place where they can bring accountability, ownership and spirited collaboration to make an impact during crisis.

While many P&G team members around the globe have always known P&G was a great place to work ... it’s now official! P&G started 2022 with a significant recognition—earning certification as a Great Place to Work!

This U.S.-specific certification is based entirely on what a random sampling of 5,000 of our current U.S. employees said about their experience working at P&G. On the survey, 71% of employees said we’re a great place to work – compared to 59% at the average U.S. company. And a full 89% of team members said that P&G people are given a lot of responsibility.

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Other top-scoring questions were that when you join the company, you are made to feel welcome, that we are a physically safe place to work where people are treated fairly, regardless of their sexual orientation, and that customers rate our service as excellent.

Vinitaa Jayson, Senior Vice President - Human Resources, North America, said P&G team members consistently rank ‘meaningful, challenging work’ as the #1 reason for staying at P&G.

“Whether our employees work in a research lab, one of our manufacturing facilities, or somewhere else along the value chain,” she said, “they are trusted to do what’s needed to make an impact, take on a business challenge, or support their team-members to be their best. This is true in times of crisis, stability or breakthrough.”

Earning the certification from Great Place to Work—a global authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and effective leadership behaviors – serves as a source of pride for our U.S.-based team members and a powerful recruiting tool for top talent in what is an incredibly competitive job market.

P&G worker

P&G + Me = Mutual Success
Against that competitive backdrop, P&G recently refreshed our Employee Value Proposition or EVP: P&G + Me = Mutual Success. The new EVP is a narrative about the “fit” between team members’ individual values and aspirations (what they get and give to the Company), with those of P&G (what the company gets from and gives to each team member).

While no two career journeys are the same, the Company is reinforcing our commitment to helping employees feel inspired to make a difference + have equal opportunity and multiple ways to continue growing + making an impact + knowing team members are valued and rewarded for not only what they contribute, but how they contribute to our team’s and our company’s success.

Today, the notion of a well-defined Employee Value Proposition is more critical than ever, as industries and companies everywhere face deepening challenges driven by the pandemic, by social issues and by renewed competition for talent.

“It is important for us to clearly articulate what we offer to employees, for employees to deepen their own understanding of the value of working here, and for them to feel the human, personal narrative that is the foundation of everything we do,” Vinitaa said.

To learn more about our commitment, visit https://us.pg.com/who-we-are/.