The Night One 21.6oz Bottle of Dawn Did the Dishes for an Entire New Jersey Town

Family dinners are an opportunity for families to unplug and reconnect on things that are important, but dinners also mean doing the dishes. Dawn has been helping families with post-dinner clean-up for decades, but most people don’t realize that even one drop of Dawn goes a long way.

To demonstrate how far the grease-fighting power of Dawn can go, Dawn invited all of Lambertville, NJ to a town dinner and cleaned every single plate. That’s over 6,000 dishes, with just one 21.6oz bottle.

Dawn Plates

"Our historic town of Lambertville has had its fair share of monumental moments, and we are thrilled to be given an opportunity to reconnect together as a community along scenic Union Street," said Lambertville Mayor David DelVecchio." Our partnership with Dawn has created a truly unique and exciting experience that I am sure we will be talking about for years to come."

Dawn partnered with Lambertville to showcase just how much one 21.6oz bottle of Dawn can do; in quantity but also in tough cleaning. Guests enjoyed a delicious menu of salad with balsamic and oil, spaghetti with a red sauce and dark berry cobbler surrounded by their closest family and friends.

While they enjoyed the meal, music and festivities, Dawn took care of the messy, oily dishes. Special celebrity guest Tia Mowry joined in for the fun and helped kick off the dish washing extravaganza with the ceremonial wash.

Bottle of Dawn Did the Dishes for an Entire New Jersey Town

"I use Dawn in my home for all sorts of tough cleans," said Tia Mowry. "I’m always creating new recipes, and as a Mom, I go through a ton of dishes. I need something that will do the job quickly, effectively, and not have me running back-and-forth to the store. I love Dawn and its long-lasting formula and proven grease-fighting power."

Tia Mowry

While Dawn’s grease-fighting power has been heralded for years, it also packs a big punch with a very small amount. A family of four can easily use up to 20 dishes in preparing just one meal. That’s 1,920 plates in just one month. In fact, that’s enough clean plates to stack double the height of the White House!

Dawn washing plates

Thanks to its powerful formula, Dawn cleans three times more greasy dishes in every drop than its non-concentrated competitor. Talk about cleaning the distance!

For more information about the Dawn family of products, visit www.dawn-dish.com.