Always Discreet Helps Make Bladder Leaks Feel Like No Big Deal

Bladder sensitivity is a widespread issue among women, but many who suffer from it are too embarrassed to discuss it with their doctor. While 1 in 3 women has a sensitive bladder or incontinence, only 1 in 9 uses incontinence products. And many use menstrual pads, which are not designed to manage bladder leaks.

As the global leader in feminine protection that has cared for changing feminine care needs for more than 30 years, the Always brand is extending its trusted name into the incontinence aisle with its launch of New Always Discreet.

Always Discreet

The product of extensive consumer research and testing, Always Discreet is designed with women’s needs in mind—giving them incredible protection, odor control, comfort and discretion.

“Always, as a brand, is about every stage of a woman’s life, and new Always Discreet will allow women to continue living their lives fully, even when managing a sensitive bladder. We have the best technology portfolio of any company, and we will once again deliver this through the launch of Always Discreet,” said Steve Bishop, Group President Global Feminine Care and Family Care. “With new Always Discreet, women will no longer have to choose between comfort OR protection; they will have both comfort AND protection—allowing them to continue pursuing all their favorite activities with confidence.”

The Always Discreet line includes liners, pads and underwear, to address the full range of bladder sensitivity. The products use technology found in other P&G brands, but designed specifically for bladder leakage.

The DualLock™ core technology in Always Discreet pads allows for a thin design without compromising on absorbency. This advanced technology allows for rapid and effective fluid absorbency, providing outstanding protection, comfort and discretion with an ultra-thin design. In fact, the pads are up to 40% thinner than the leading brand and absorb two times more than women may need.* The OdorLock™ Technology neutralizes urine odor instantly and continuously.

Actress and author Marilu Henner, 62, has partnered with Always Discreet to encourage women to be more comfortable discussing their sensitive bladders with people close to them, because women who experience bladder leaks have no reason to be ashamed.

“Throughout our lives, women are constantly adapting to the normal physical changes that happen to us—from our first period through pregnancy and then menopause,’’ said Henner. “Having a sensitive bladder is far more common than many people realize. Often women think they’re the only ones experiencing it, making them feel self-conscious and isolated. We need to talk about it with our doctors, our family and our friends, and not let it hold us back. With the right protection and support, laughing and managing leaks can be absolutely no big deal.’’

To help women learn more about sensitive bladder issues and how to manage them, alwaysdiscreet.com offers tips, facts, and articles written by experts on fitness, health and aging topics. It also features an anonymous forum to ask experts questions and connect with other women, as well as a selector tool to help women choose the product that best suits their needs and lifestyles.

*based on average US consumer usage