A male and a female person are looking into the camera

Talking about bias is more important than ever.

With racial injustices, social unrest and protests occurring around the world, we can no longer avoid engaging in these uncomfortable conversations. In an effort to foster these conversations, Procter & Gamble launched #TalkAboutBias, a social experiment that pairs 14 everyday people together to have candid conversations about all forms of bias. The award-winning film THE LOOK is used as a catalyst to start a real dialog about bias and race in America. Conversations offer the opportunity to listen, learn, grow and deepen our understanding of the biases that exist in our society.

With the help of Jesse Williams and Freddie Ransome, we examine the commonalities at the core of these issues. Our goal with this effort is to broaden perspectives, build empathy, and spark change through dialogue.



Spark conversations of your own and #TalkAboutBias. Discover ways to do more than just talk.

Our lives matter


Racial inequality is the inescapable reality of America. It didn’t begin with us, but it can end with us. If we choose to act.

This ever-growing collection of resources will help us more clearly see the complex problems we face—and face them together. And guide us along the journey of transforming equality from a dream to a reality. Together we can make real lasting change when we actively work to prevent, address, and rectify it—individually and collectively. Let’s get started.

Take on Race