Educating New Generations, Igniting Inclusive Change

P&G Celebrates International Day of Education

Knowledge is not only power, but when it is applied, a transformative tool to change our lives and the world.

On International Day Of Education, we’re sharing how our brands Pampers, Olay, and Old Spice among others— from New Delhi to New York City—are stepping up to inspire new generations to succeed, with our partners and in the communities we serve.

We believe that if we all grow together, we can do good together. And if we do good together, we can make our lives, better. P&G is not only a force for growth through our innovative and superior products that have helped improve the lives of generations of families around the world for over 180 years, but a force for good through our commitment to Lead with Love by inspiring new generations to succeed through our brand education initiatives; with our trusted partners including UNICEF, Girls Who Code and the Take on Race Coalition; and in the communities we serve all around the world.

We’ve witnessed firsthand the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) 2022 theme for the day: “Changing Course, Transforming Education,” and know that transformation must be supported to actualize everyone’s fundamental right to education and to help build a more sustainable, inclusive and peaceful future for us all.

We’re committed to changing the course of lives in the communities we serve through education, now and for generations to come:

Access to education is one major area where we can make a positive difference around the world.

Earlier this month P&G announced that we’ve joined forces with the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to restore and rebuild schools affected by the civil unrest that swept through KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and parts of Gauteng in South Africa (SA) in July 2021. The rebuild will ensure that thousands of children gradually resume school beginning this month. P&G has pledged R7 million SA Rand (more than $450,000 US Dollars) towards the start of a project that will see the first five schools in KZN being rebuilt in the coming weeks.

PG Shiksha

For the last 16 years, P&G Shiksha in India, which means “Education” in Hindi, has helped build 2,300 schools to support more than 2 million children who did not have access to schools. During the pandemic, P&G Shiksha shifted and helped over 50,000 children continue learning from home by upgrading the program with online education.

One Million Connected Devices

The pandemic gave rise to many educational challenges. One of the most significant is all-inclusive access to technology. In partnership with our brands, P&G established the Take on Race Fund, which, together with leading corporations and community organizations has launched One Million Connected Devices Now, an urgent response to put one million devices with reliable internet connectivity and technical support in the hands of students of color in underserved communities to close the digital divide worsened by the pandemic.

Diversity in Design

In our backyard in Cincinnati, we’re connecting creative young people with the resources they need to pursue their dreams. This month we announced five fellowships and scholarships for underrepresented design students, building on an established program. In 2020, we created the P&G Beauty Partnership for Diversity in Design at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP). P&G’s Beauty Division partnered with DAAP to create three funds to drive innovation and create holistic solutions to better serve all consumers and communities and invest in young people. One graduate student and four first-year design students were inaugural recipients of the P&G Diversity in Design Scholarships. Two high school students attended DAAP camps in 2021 as well.

Pampers Bright Beginnings

Although investing in education isn’t new for us, we are investing in the newest additions to families, nationwide. With the help of local hospitals, Neonatal Intensive Care Units and community groups, the Pampers’ Bright Beginnings Program provides books to parents, along with resources showcasing the benefits of reading to their babies early on; which has, to date, donated more than 300,000 books.

We are invigorated by this work and the impact of these and other P&G education initiatives. International Day of Education is an opportunity to spotlight the importance of education. At P&G, we #LeadWithLove to improve the health and well-being of every community we touch.

Inspired? Read more about these commitments and the people we serve in our 2021 Citizenship Report.