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We aspire to create a company and a world where equality and inclusion are achievable for all, creating value and driving growth for our employees, through our brands, with our partners and in communities.

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Shelly McNamara

Chief Equality & Inclusion Officer


“We are committed to honoring the individuality and unique contributions of our people and ensuring that every single employee shows up to work as their whole, authentic self and feels safe in doing so.

We believe this makes P&G not only a great place to work but also a stronger company because it is through diversity of thinking that we become more in touch with the consumers we serve. To holistically serve consumers in ways that matter and resonate with them, we need to create the kind of diverse and inclusive culture that has been proven, time and again, to give life to the best thoughts and ideas.”

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We strive to be a company and create a culture that reflects the diversity of the billions of people we serve around the world, in company leadership and at every level. We will achieve our goals by expanding and accelerating our ability to recruit, retain and develop a globally diverse organization. We have set stretching, achievable and meaningful representation aspirations. While we continue to make progress in many areas, we know we can do more.

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1 Board data as of October 11, 2022

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Making Our Brands Accessible for All

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 6–10% of people in Europe are living with a disability. P&G Beauty realized these consumers weren’t fully enjoying the products and content that we offered and decided to act on it. We started by making our communication accessible by adapting our commercials and influencing digital media platforms to adopt accessibility features such as enabling audio description on YouTube videos. Two of our brands — Head & Shoulders and Olay — were recognized as the most accessible brands in beauty for website accessibility.2 We also made our brands more accessible to in-store shopping, providing people with sight and cognitive impairments access to product information via partnerships with NaviLens — a QR code technology for the visually impaired — and The Royal National Institute for the Blind. Through these actions, we are making progress on our journey to make our brands, products and content accessible to all.

2 Online Shopping Accessibility Index, 03/15/2022, Affise Academy: Online Shopping Accessibility Index — Affise

Empowering Women-Owned and Women-Led Businesses

As a global company with a broad portfolio of trusted brands, we have the potential to provide diverse businesses with meaningful growth opportunities and accelerate economic inclusion and equity. Just as we know a diverse organization leads to better problem-solving and innovation, so does a diverse supply chain. We are committed to increasing our global spend with diverse- and women-owned and led businesses to $5 billion annually by 2030. In September 2021, we shared that we had surpassed $3 billion! One of the ways we are hard at work is increasing our investment with women-owned and led businesses throughout the world. We have many great partners to enable this, including WEConnect International.

Through P&G’s Supplier Diversity efforts, in partnership with WEConnect International, over the past 5 years, we’ve trained more than 1,000 women entrepreneurs in 10 countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Several participants have become P&G’s external business partners or suppliers and accelerated their own business growth thanks to their newly acquired skills. This also has had a ripple effect throughout the region.

Inspired by P&G’s aspiration, many of our suppliers, agencies, and partners have employed more women in key positions within their organizations, including roles in manufacturing, logistics support, and media production, where gender bias has limited opportunities for women in the past.

We’ve pledged to spend $5 BILLION annually with diverse-owned and women-led businesses by 2030
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Belonging Starts with a Name

As we use our voice to bring visibility to the uniqueness of the consumers we serve, we continue to respectfully portray communities through accurate and authentic representation in our advertising. To help address rising levels of bias against the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, P&G released a new film “The Name,” as part of an integrated campaign to inspire conversation and encourage people to learn how to say AAPI names, because feeling a sense of belonging in society starts with one’s name.

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A girl smiles and holds up a drawing of herself and her name "Yeong Joo"

Accompanied by educational resources and tools at pg.com/names, the film elevated the importance of a name, and how meaningful gestures — like pronunciation and understanding its meaning — can create a greater sense of belonging for us all.

Pampers also joined the movement by expanding their existing popular baby name content on Pampers.com to engage even more consumers and recognize AAPI names. A new Snapchat filter let parents announce and celebrate their new baby’s name, while the Pampers Snapchat AR Storybook program now includes books about the significance of AAPI names, allowing parents to celebrate these names with their little ones as they grow and read together.

A phone displaying the name-sharing tool on P&G's website with a man named Shouvik smiling

Can’t Cancel Pride 2022

P&G continued its long-term support of the LGBTQ+ community with our third annual Can’t Cancel Pride benefit — “Proud AND Together.”

Showcasing the issues that continue to impact the LGBTQ+ community and highlighting intersectional messages of spirit and strength, the nationally broadcasted program brought together some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Elton John, Katy Perry, JoJo Siwa and Lizzo.

P&G brands like Charmin, Dawn, and Tide proudly joined in with more than 16 million people watching this year. Can’t Cancel Pride continues to raise support and create visibility for critical LGBTQ+ organizations, including CenterLink, GLAAD, National Black Justice Coalition, OutRight Action International, SAGE and The Trevor Project. The benefit has raised more than $11 million since its inception.

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11 million raised to date through Can’t Cancel Pride


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