Superiority to Win with

Man, woman and young girl are in kitchen washing and putting away dishes.

We continue to raise the bar on all aspects—product, package, brand communication, retail execution and value—in all price tiers where we compete.

We are leveraging this superiority to grow markets, and P&G’s share in them, as a way to sustainably build the business. Creating new business is powerful with our retail partners as we work to jointly create value.

Superiority is especially critical in an inflationary environment. As consumers face increased pressure on nearly every aspect of their household budgets, we invest to deliver truly superior value through a combination of price and product performance to earn their loyalty every day. We are committed to keep investing to strengthen the superiority of our brands across innovation, supply chains and brand equity to deliver superior value for consumers.

Measures of Superiority

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Products so good, consumers recognize the difference. Superior products raise expectations for performance in the category.

Two bottles each of Dawn and Fairy liquid dish soap

Dawn EZ-Squeeze and Fairy Max Power

An upgraded formula and unique packaging made Dawn EZ-Squeeze in the U.S. and Fairy Max Power in Europe stand-out products in fiscal 2022. The inverted bottle, no-flip cap and self-sealing valve allow for easy one-handed use of every drop of soap.

These products contributed to mid-single digit hand dish global category growth and enabled additional distribution and shelf space across multiple markets and retailers. During fiscal 2022, they contributed to Dawn’s mid-single digit organic sales growth and grew the brand’s global value share by nearly one point.

Various products in Olay Regenerist Vitamin C + Peptide 24 collection

Olay Regenerist Vitamin C + Peptide 24

In fiscal 2022, we introduced the Olay Regenerist Vitamin C + Peptide 24 collection. These formulas are crafted with powerhouse ingredients vitamin C, vitamin B3, peptides and AHA lactic acid, working together to visibly even skin tone and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Clinical testing and consumer testimonials affirm these unique formulas strike the right balance of performance, potency and in-use delight.

The Vitamin C + Peptide 24 collection was a leading source of Olay’s organic sales growth in fiscal 2022.



Packaging that attracts consumers, conveys brand equity, helps consumers select the best product for their needs, and delights consumers during use.

One box each of Gillette and Venus razors

Global Expansion of Gillette and Venus Plastic-Free Package

We have now introduced a plastic-free package for many Gillette and Venus products in every P&G region globally. It delights consumers as it is easier to open, read and select at shelf, and fully recyclable. We estimate this superior package could save the plastic equivalent of 85 million water bottles per year when fully launched.*

In North America, one of the first regions where we launched, this innovation contributed to high single digit organic sales growth for P&G’s Grooming category in fiscal 2022, and globally helped to grow Grooming’s value share by over one point.

*Based on FY20 sales

The paper-based recyclable package offered on P&G's premium Always Cotton Protection pads in select stores in Germany

Always Paper-Based Recyclable Package

We launched a new paper-based recyclable package on our premium Always Cotton Protection pads in select stores in Germany. This is just one example of how we are delivering a superior proposition while meeting an increasing consumer desire for sustainability. Sales increased over 50% behind this package upgrade, and the innovation has been recognized externally with two prestigious packaging awards.

This was just one contribution to Always’ strong fiscal 2022 results, with double digit organic sales growth globally and value share up over one point.

Brand communication


Product and packaging benefits communicated with exceptional advertising that makes you think, talk, laugh, cry, smile, act and buy — and that drives category and brand growth.

A TV or computer screen shows a doctor in a white coat. A box of Tampax is superimposed.

Time to Tampax

A witty ‘edu-tainment’ campaign with celebrities and influencers reached millions of consumers across a range of digital and broadcast platforms. The campaign delivered a humorous approach to tampon and period education appealing to Gen Z and Millennial audiences.

This campaign contributed to double digit organic sales growth for global Feminine Care in fiscal 2022, with value share up over one point.

The animated Charmin bears in a home setting, from the “Roll It Back” TV advertising

Roll It Back, Everybody—with Charmin

Charmin’s current campaign “Roll it Back, Everybody!” educates consumers they can use less due to Charmin’s superior absorbency. As we continue to reinforce in our brand communication the value P&G brands provide to consumers, U.S. Family Care value share grew more than a half a point during fiscal 2022.

Retail execution


In-store: with the right store coverage, product forms, sizes, price points, shelving and merchandising. Online: with the right content, assortment, ratings, reviews, search and subscription offerings.

A smartphone with online content for P&G’s nerve care product Nervive displayed on it

Nervive for Nerve Care

Nervive is a nerve care product launched in North America in fiscal 2022, helping to establish the nerve care category in that region after many successful years in Europe with Neurobion, a brand acquired with Merck in 2018.

Eye-level brand blocks on-shelf and displays at top retailers grew sales by more than 40% where executed, and strong online content and search strategy supported e-commerce growth. As a result, Nervive contributed to Personal Health Care organic sales growth of 20% in fiscal 2022.

Store display of Native products. Banner down the center of the display reads “From head to toe NATIVE is the way to go”

Native—Winning with Sustainably Minded Consumers

Acquired in 2017 as a DTC-only brand selling natural deodorants, Native is now a fast-growing megabrand that is winning with sustainably minded millennial consumers online and in-store, with offerings in the body wash, hair care, sun care and skin care categories that are clean, simple and high performing. Products are made with easy-to-understand ingredients and seasonal scent collections that consumers trust and find irresistible. This plus superior in-store display support has helped Native triple sales over the past three years and deliver organic sales growth of nearly 50% in fiscal 2022.

Consumer & customer value


For consumers: all these elements presented in a clear and shoppable way at a compelling price. For customers: margin, penny profit, trip generation, basket size, and category growth.

One package each of Tide Power PODS and Ariel All in 1 PODS

Superior Cleaning in Cold Water with Tide and Ariel

Tide and Ariel offer a superior value equation. For consumers, our enhanced formula enables superior cleaning performance in cold water, creating energy savings and avoiding rewashing which may be necessary with less effective detergents. By reducing the energy required to heat water in the laundry process and improving garment life spans, consumers also see sustainability benefits.

For customers, innovations like Tide Power PODS help drive category growth. In fiscal 2022, unit dose detergent grew organic sales in the low teens globally, with growth in every region, contributing to P&G’s double digit growth in the Fabric Care category.

Packages of Pampers Pure Protection, Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Cruisers, Pampers Baby-Dry, Luvs, and Ninjamas

Superior Baby Care Offerings at Every Tier

We’ve developed offerings at various tiers across our categories to ensure superior offerings for consumers at a variety of price points—offering consumers choice within the P&G portfolio.

For example, in North America Baby Care, we have diaper options at various price points that meet a range of consumer needs, including Pampers Pure Protection, Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Cruisers, Pampers Baby-Dry, Luvs, and Ninjamas. In fiscal 2022, this portfolio supported high single digit organic sales growth globally for P&G’s Baby Care category.

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