Meeting Consumer, Customer,
Employee, Societal and Investor Needs

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In the ever more complex world we live in, it is not just top and bottom line that must be delivered and balanced. We must endeavor to deliver against the needs of an increasing number of constituents. This is especially true in our efforts in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), where consumer, customer, employee, society and shareowner expectations are growing.

Citizenship: Community Impact, Equality & Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, and Ethics & Corporate Responsibility

As I shared earlier, our consumers increasingly rely on us to deliver superior solutions that are sustainable. Our world requires that we do our part in this regard. This challenge is also an opportunity to extend our margin of superiority, further grow categories, and create more value, all while improving our own environmental impact, enabling consumers to reduce their footprint, and helping society solve some of the most pressing global challenges.

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Our Community Impact work helps improve lives for people in difficult times by providing clean water and donations of product, time and money to those affected by natural disasters and crises around the world. It is also part of what employees are proud of and value in P&G. The ability to do good for the communities we live and work in also helps us attract and retain the best talent.

We know we increase our chances of winning when we have an equal, diverse and inclusive culture that gives life to the best thoughts and ideas—a culture where everyone can succeed and is able to be their best. Externally, we support equality and inclusion efforts with our business partners and in the communities where we live and work because it is not only the right thing to do, but it also can improve income and wealth equity for more people, creating more purchasing power, which drives market growth.

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At P&G, we aim to be a force for growth and a force for good.
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Our foundation is our Purpose, Values and Principles, which set a high standard for each P&G person. High standards are good. They require that we hold ourselves and each other accountable for results and, equally important, for how we achieve those results. Last year, we added an ESG factor to our annual incentive compensation program for our senior executives as a demonstration of our commitment to near-term progress toward our long-term ESG goals.

Serving and balancing the needs of consumers, customers, employees, society and shareowners will not be easy, but it is necessary—and those that do it best, as I expect we will, should thrive.

For more about our work in all these areas, visit our ESG for Investors website at and read our latest Citizenship report at

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